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Production exclusive rewards for individual orders.

Elite award handmade. These medals of gold, silver and bronze. Designer and collectible cups of precious metals and stones. Gift boxes for awards from exotic leathers. Luxury boxes for medals of red and black wood. Collectible medals. Premium themed figurines. Exclusive premium book. Premium VIP clock with a corporate logo. Elite ratification of wood, gold, platinum and diamonds. Award and status badges, pins, plates. Premium gifts, kitchenware, luxury drinks, pens, office supplies, lighters, knives, guns, sports equipment, and any other themed prizes. Gift cufflinks, rings, bracelets, lockets and other premium jewelry.

 Individual orders release of medals for any events and activities.
 Olympic Medals - Gold, Silver and Bronze - Olympiad London 2012

 Award - Made of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rarest Wood, Exotic Leather, Gems.
 Diplomas, certificates, award frames, and other premium documents with Diamond Id.

 Order exclusive premium handmade with a gift box.
 Order of precious metals, Order of jewelry enamel.
 See also exclusive boxes and jewelry boxes of MJ - www.box.mj777.com

 Gold Cups, Cups Platinum , Silver Cups, Crystal Cups, Stone Bricks , Wooden Cups , Cups Diamond.
 Individual Awards Handmade - Exclusive Year "Art Studio MJ"
 Individual Award - Gold & Platinum Cup Handmade

White Gold or Platinum Medal for Happy Day in VIP Box Genuine Leather
Decorative medals for anniversaries, birthdays medals, medals for the wedding, medals at corporate etc.
Medals of white gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium, osmium, and other precious metals.

Customize award, individual award plaques and badges are handmade.
Exclusive VIP Badges Made of Yellow, White, Red or Pink Gold.

VIP Souvenirs Award Luxury Edition Made of Precious Materials

Gold picks, gold helmets, gold car, gold cap, gold gun... Any hoses themed products drag.metallov.
  Themed gifts. Premium specialized souvenirs. Themed desktop VIP souvenirs.
  Thematic premium gifts for the miners, metallurgists, oil, police, firefighters, military...
VIP Souvenirs Luxury Edition - www.souvenirs.mj777.com

 Golden plane. Exclusive souvenirs VIP rewards on any subject.
 Gold Plane. VIP Souvenirs Luxury Limited Edition Edition

Exclusive figurines of 585, 750-th, 777 or pure gold or 999-carat
VIP Souvenirs Luxury Edition

The Silver owl, platinum owl, golden owl, crystal owl, diamond owl... VIP Figurines & Souvenirs.
Awards at the end of various educational institutions - schools, gymnasiums, schools, colleges, institutes, academies and universities...
  Awards for doctors, lecturers, professors, corresponding members, academics...
  Any themed awards. Figurines in the form of any animal, objects of all shapes and designs.
  Awards for the club connoisseurs, awards for school and university competitions and awards for various show programs...


Exclusive golden busts and statuettes of any famous, historical, political and other VIP figures.
 Golden Bust of Hippocrates, Caesar, Einstein, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Obama, Lincoln, Washington, Bush , Putin, Medvedev, Tymoshenko, Bender, Yanukovych Poroshenko Abramovich Akhmetov, Federer, Agassi, Nadal, Tyson, Ali, Name, Ronaldo, Pele, Messi, Shevchenko, Schumacher, Jordan, Maradona, Jackson, Madonna, Gaga, Mercury, Presley, Lennon, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Jesus, Buda, Moses, Mohammed, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates etc.
 Individual orders any busts - sheikhs, oligarchs, musicians, athletes, scientists, and for any people.
 Busts of gold, silver, stone, bone, brilliant, wood, etc.

Premium gifts for anniversaries, anniversaries and other important events.
  Gift table souvenirs, figurines, volume 3d picture, bulk composition, sculpture, premium kits...

Gold train, gold car, gold rails, gold motorcycle, gold machine, gold yacht, gold boat, the gold ...
Any technique of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

Golden hourglass. Exclusive gift watch.
  Individual orders on the clock or any other product is possible to apply any laser engraving and embossing.
  See also catalog of exclusive watches and interior clocks - www.watch.mj777.com

Golden Wrench. Exclusive rewards by MJ.
Any themed awards for individual orders.

Glass slippers. Any sculpture of crystal, precious stones and metals.

Gift platinum card. In an exclusive box of black leather and wood bison.
See also exclusive gift boxes for all products - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive office gift sets, gift pens and accessories.
Personalized pens with inlaid, encrusted, laser engraving and embossing.

Unique Red Gold Medal

Luxury boxes and boxes of leather all colors and types.
Gift wrapping crocodile, python, stingray, iguanas, alligator, caiman,
frog, fish, monitor lizard, bison, hippo, elephant, cobra, ostrich, shark...

Collectible & vintage medals, pendants and coins.

 Award coins and medals . Commemorative coins , commemorative coins ...

Premium Cufflinks. Award Cufflinks. Gift Cufflinks. Themed Cufflinks.
VIP Jewelry with an individual theme from precious metals - Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Tie Clips, Chains etc.
See also catalog luxury cufflinks www.cufflinks.mj777.com and jewelry - www.jewelry.mj777.com

 Gift medals and coins. Award medals and coins.
 Any design for individual orders.

 Premium sets of gold -  gold cufflinks, tie clip, pen and other accessories.
 Kit set for individual orders from any number of exclusive products.
www.kit.mj777.com   &   www.cufflinks.mj777.com   &   www.pens.mj777.com

 Premium and gifts, medals and coins.
 For exhibitions, ceremonies, meetings, promotions, conferences, forums, presentations, awards ...
 Exclusive VIP rewards for individual orders.

 Gift and premium trays, shields, cups, bowls, medals, coins...

 Status and premium icons and badges.
 Deputy icons of gold. Deputy icons of diamonds. Deputy icons of platinum...
 Badges assistant deputy, deputy badges and other insignia depicting the state symbols of any country.

 Premium and collectable coins and medals of unique and non-standard sizes and shapes for individual orders.
 Exclusive rewards for individual orders. UEFA Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine - Only for Owners TM

 Medal mother heroine. Medal of cast gold with hot enamel. Inlaid with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds....
 Orders, medals and other rewards for labor hero, masters of sport, honored artists, personal employees of companies.

 Mammoth tusk in gift souvenir edition. Exclusive collection of MJ.
 Exclusive premium gifts for hunters, fishermen, archaeologists, and lovers of exotic
 Ivory, amber, jet, ammolite, dinosaur bones, the skeleton of a shark, stuffed bear ...
 On any product possible to apply any engraving or inlay.
 See also directories exclusive minerals, exotic skins and souvenirs.
 www.bone.mj777.com   &   www.skin.mj777.com   &   www.souvenirs.mj777.com

 Premium ring state or any thematic symbols.
 Premium jewelry wishes, slogans, signs, emblems, logos ...
www.ring.mj777.com   &   www.jewelry.mj777.com

 Premium gold cups, bowls, vases, and other premium paraphernalia.
 Only precious metals and precious stones.
 Elite award for individual orders.

 Premium accessories. Premium card holders. Premium cigarette holders. And other premium personalized gifts.
 Unique premium products made of precious metals and gemstones for individual orders.

 Medals of stamped gold, silver and bronze. Any medals for individual orders.
 Olympic medals. Medals cups and world championships. Medley Grand Prix. Medals private leagues ...
 Premium awards for individual orders.

 Premium edition of accessories with drawing requests or any other inscriptions.
 Unique premium , pens, lighters, phones, flash drives, key chains, and other accessories from MJ
www.lighters.mj777.com,  www.pens.mj777.com,  www.accessories.mj777.com,  www.vip-flash.com

 Exclusive gift - premium watch. Making unique cases and straps for customize watch any brands.
 Any watch specially personalized for any event. Application of any premium wishes and parting words.

 Gift and premium gold bullion. Real bank gold 24 carat - pure gold 999-th.
 Can also be made of gold or silver bullion, any sample and any weight on individual orders.
 Weight or sample may correspond to the desired number or other solemn anniversary number.
www.gold.mj777.com   &   www.box.mj777.com

 Oscar statuette of pure 24- karat gold.
 Manufacture of all exclusive figurines for individual orders.
 Luxury rewards for individual orders.

 Premium book. Themed books . Any books on individual orders.
 Premium folders , diaries, book covers and made of leather, decorated with gold and diamonds .
 Copyright awards for individual orders.

 Golden Foot . Gold foot of pure gold.
 Individual orders Hands , fingers, legs, feet of gold and silver .
 Individual orders footprint of your child. gold handprint Director etc.
 See also premium chess , premium ball , racquet and other sports equipment - www.sport.mj777.com

 Baseball bat made of gold (red, yellow or white gold ).
 Premium sports equipment and gift handmade from precious metals.
 Award bits, golf club, tennis racket, premium ball, washer, birdies, glove...
 See also premium chess, premium ball, racquet and other sports equipment - www.games.mj777.com

 Gold coins. Silver coins . Platinum coins. Collectible. Bonus coins.
 Gold coins. Silver coins. Platinum coins. Collectible coins. Bonus coins.

 Golden Whistle Handcrafted Limited Edition
 Any award and commemorative whistles for law enforcement officials and referees.

 Issue only a single copy. Each model is unique.
 Unique premium weapons. Award Hangers. Premium knives. Premium pistols.
 www.knife.mj777.com  &  www.weapon.mj777.com

 Luxury award badges, plaques, badges of gold for individual orders.
 Awards handmade to order.

 Lapel badges, pins and badges of gold, platinum and silver on individual orders.

 Award badges , name tags and badges of precious metals to individual orders.

 Exclusive package for awards, medals , badges and other premium gifts from Art Studio MJ

 Exclusive Box for Gold Coins Collection Limited Edition

 Deputy icons. Presidential icons. Union badges. Pioneering icons. Party icons...
 Any exclusive badges of precious metals for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ.

 Gift jubilee souvenirs precious metals and stones.
 Commemorative gift souvenirs made of precious metals and stones.

 Collectible medals, badges and awards. Author Order. New and ancient orders.
 Trading orders. Copyright Order. New and ancient orders.

 Elite awards handmade to order.

 Stamp issued in honor ceremony rating " Public Recognition "
 Exclusive brands issued by individual orders.
 Collectible and gift brand - www.stamps-collectible.mj777.com

Premium sets of pens & accessories for individual orders.

Premium spirits. Gift sets spirits.
  Any most exclusive wines, champagne, whiskey, brandy or any other alcoholic beverage brands from the author's edition of MJ

Exclusive Gift Jewelry Souvenirs

 Exclusive Gift and premium sculptures of precious materials.
VIP Souvenirs Luxury Edition

 Exclusive design sculptures of precious metals to individual orders.

 Diploma - Winner of Image Project of The Year 2011 & Exclusive of The Year 2009 & 2013 - Art Studio MJ

 Gold medals for individual orders for any events.
 Only handmade. Only precious metals. Only exclusive.

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  luxurious mouse and accessories made of gold, wood and leather
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